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Massachusetts Title 5 Septic Inspections

What is Massachusetts Title 5?

Title 5 is a Massachusetts law that requires septic systems and cesspools to be inspected when property is sold. The intent of the law is to ensure the septic system is functioning properly and is protective of human health and the environment. The Title 5 inspection is not a guarantee the septic system will continue to function properly, nor does it guarantee the septic system will not fail at some later point in time.

It is generally the responsibility of the homeowner to arrange for the inspection prior to the sale of the property. The System Inspector is required by law to submit the Septic System Inspection Report to the local Board of Health. The homeowner is required to provide a copy of the septic system inspection report to the buyer.

Who Can Perform a Title 5 Inspection?

Title 5 inspections are only valid if they are conducted by a MassDEP approved Septic System Inspector. To become an approved Septic System Inspector, the individual must take a course and pass an exam to obtain a certificate from the MassDEP. Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineers, Sanitarians, and Certified Health Officers also are considered Septic System Inspectors and can conduct septic system inspections under Title 5.

Rosano Davis has MassDEP approved Septic System Inspectors on staff

What Does the Title 5 Inspection Include?

A Title 5 inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the septic system conducted by a trained MassDEP certified Septic System Inspector.

Included as part of the septic system inspection are:
  • The general layout of the septic system components
  • A description of the septic tank
  • An evaluation of the septic tank's condition and age
  • An evaluation of the distribution box and it's condition
  • An evaluation of evidence of solids infiltrating the system
  • An evaluation of whether there has been a septic system backup
  • Condition of the soil absorption system
  • An estimation of the high groundwater elevation
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